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About us

Antonio e Carmelo

We are two Italians, Carmelo Valenti (from Sicily) and Antonio Mungiguerra (from Naples) who share a passion for cooking. Over the years we have turned our passion into a profession, as we have over 25 years of cooking experience together in well-known restaurants in Vienna and southern Italy. But it is time to offer our services to customers in “Casa Borbone GmbH”.

“Casa Borbone” is the place where you can have freshly prepared traditional dishes on site or delivered to you every day. Our innovation is the “Italian Street Food” culture, which we want to introduce to the Austrian market. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to buy all the products we use to prepare our dishes in our store as well.

We would like to reach our clients through three major Product Categories:

• Breakfast – Freshly prepared pastry and original Italian Coffee served daily from 8 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

• Street Food – Offering you daily fresh prepared street food of south Italy ready to eat or take away, ideal for who wants to grab a bite on the go

• A la carte Lunch and dinner – Giving to the client the possibility to enjoy freshly made dishes in our lunch/dinner sector but also all what the “Street Food” corner has to offer

“Casa Borbone” takes its name from the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, also known as the Bourbons. This kingdom was geographically located where Sicily and Naples are today. As we ourselves are originally from the region and grew up with this history and the dishes of that time, we feel the need to bring this culture and its food back to life. In general, the following applies to us: As a southern Italian restaurant, we only want to offer a real southern Italian experience in our shop by exhibiting photos, paintings and books that tell of our own culture. In addition, there will always be Italian music in the background, creating a friendly atmosphere typical of the people of the southern region.

Nowadays everyone wants to bring something innovative to the market and use the latest technology to do it. We, on the other hand, believe that you cannot be innovative if you ignore values and origins. For us, innovation lies in going back in time and reviving traditional cuisine. There are very few Italian restaurants in Vienna that are run by real Italians and do not bring their products to the customer in the high price range. We want to be the Italians who bring traditional dishes to the table for the average person. We will follow our product from buying it on the market in Italy to processing it by us in the kitchen and serving it to the customer ourselves. It’s the only way we can keep our signature and make the customer feel like we’re treating them the same way we would treat our family over lunch.